Campfire S’more Hack Recipe

In this post I show you how easy it is to make a yummy campfire s’more indoors!  You’ll love this easy recipe video and images with all the details.

Campfire S’more Hack Recipe

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You can find this video on Bren Haas YouTube Channel. 

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For this recipe you will need an Oven Air Fryer.  If you don’t have one … you should!  I have seen recipes using the gas stove but really this oven air fryer is the way to go.   Below are the basic ingredients you will want to have ready to go because it is super important the smore is put together fast!

  • Fresh Graham Crackers ( Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers by Nabisco is the BEST!)
  • milk chocolate squares (I LOVE Moser Roth By Aldi )
  • marshmallows (Walmart Brand has always been fresh and cheap)

This recipe using the air-fryer is dangerously simple.  It is so easy to put these together that you will want to make these year-round.  They taste just like campfire smores if you let them get toasty just like outdoors.   Find the complete recipe directions in the Campfire S’more Hack Printable Recipe by scrolling down on this post. Here are a few important tips for this hack:

  • Make sure you use the top rack of the oven air fryer to roast marshmallows.
  • Keep an eye on the marshmallows cooking at 400* / roughly 5 minutes.
  • Use the graham cracker to scoop the prepared marshmallow off the tray or foil.
  • Remove the marshmallow RIGHT AWAY… do not let it cool down.
  • Have the chocolate and other ingredients stacked and ready to go!

Printable Campfire S’more Hack Recipe

Campfire S’more Hack Recipe


Campfire S’more Hack Recipe


  • honey graham crackers
  • marshmallow
  • chocolate bar


  1. Prepare ingredients having them at hand and ready to go!
  2. lay a piece of foil down on Oven Air Fryer Tray for the marshmallow to roast on.
  3. Roast or 'air fry' marshmallow at 400* for about 5 minutes or until puffy brown. Be sure to keep your eye on the marshmallow so it doesn't puff up and touch top of air fryer or burn.
  4. Carefully remove the tray with roasted marshmallow from the oven air fryer.
  5. Lift the roasted marshmallow onto the prepared layer s'more with the top graham cracker.
  6. ENJOY!

Thank you for checking out my recipe today!

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Bren Haas

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