Creative Ways TO Grow Diamond Frost Euphorbia

In this post I share a quick video featuring the Diamond Frost Euphorbia I order online.  This plant has been a favorite of mine since 2015.  It became one of my favorites after growing it year-round in the dome greenhouse.

Unboxing Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Some of you may not realize you can order great looking plants from Amazon.  These Euphorbia containers in the video below were shipped from a local grower that has a shop on Amazon.  It was so nice to get these plants shipped right to my home without traveling all over to find them locally.  What I saved in gas I and time I can use on more plants! Get yours on Amazon by clicking here.  Enjoy the video:

Play Video about Unboxing of the Diamond Frost Plants Amazon

This video is from my Bren Haas Channel.  I love making fun little v-logs so be sure to follow my adventures on my site.

More About Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost Euphorbia
Get Yours On Amazon By Clicking Here!

This was an introductory plant in my home garden years ago for blog post.  Before growing the plant in my dome greenhouse I just thought it was a pretty little plant.  Today I can’t live without it.  The little white burst from the flowers brighten my garden year-round under cover.  It has been so much fun growing it in citrus containers and out in the border of my landscape.

In early April 2022 I purchase 4 new plants on Amazon.  The video in this post shows how the plants arrived.

Fun with Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Honestly, I can’t remember what I did with the first Euphorbia that was sent to me to trial as a garden blogger.  After a few years of playing with the plant year-round in my geodesic bio dome I have come up with some fun things to do with it.  Check out my collection of unique images below.

I love using this plant in borders of my landscape for summer and late Autumn displays.  Below it is mixed with a hydrangea and Japanese Maple outside my sunroom.

Check out how fun the flowers look in cut bouquets!

What is your favorite way to use the Diamond Frost Euphorbia?

Let’s Connect

Have you grown Diamond Frost before?  I would love to hear your story so please comment on this post or reach out to me on my website.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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