How to Grow Saffron Crocus

A few years back I was trying to find the spice Saffron locally but had to purchase online.  It was EXPENSIVE and now after finding my own saffron crocus bulbs to grow I see way.  In this post I share how to grow saffron along with a few fun facts about the plant.

How to Plant Saffron Crocus

First off, it is said that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.  The reason it is so expensive is each bloom produces only 3 stigmas which are dried.  Not to mention there is a three week harvesting period for each bloom.  I can’t wait to try this for myself.   In the video below I show how I am planting my saffron crocus in a container.

This video is on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel. I can’t wait to see the flower when the crocus blooms.  In the video feature on this page I was sure it was going to bloom right after I planted it.  However, after doing some research it looks like I am gonna have to wait a few seasons.  STAY TUNED!

Fortunately, a little saffron goes a long way. The spice can be used in tea or for seasoning many foods such as biscuits, rice, and fish. I can’t wait to harvest my first stigmas!

Bulbs in Winter Dome | South WallReferences About Saffron

Check out these University extension office website to find out more information.  I enjoy the post coming from these universities:

I share more about this plant as it grows along with some recipes on my Website: search Saffron 


Let’s Connect

Have you ever used saffron in cooking?  I would love to hear your story and if you are interested in growing some of your own.  If you are stopping over from my social media accounts @brenhaas please be sure to let me know by commenting below.

Happy Saffron Growing,

Bren Haas

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