New Herbs to Shop and Grow in Home Garden

Rain day weekend means planting and shopping at local garden centers. Join me at my potting table back in the raised bed garden as I share some plants you won’t want to miss at the local garden center in today’s post.

New Plants to Shop and Grow in Home Garden

Plant Tips

Here are a few tips about the plants featured in today’s video post.

  • Pineapple Sage: This small plant in the Spring will grow to be over 3 feet tall later in the summer season.  This is a great plant for dry locations in your garden or a great sunny spot that needs some color.  Another really great thing about this plant is you can dry the leaves to enjoy in tea later in the year.
  • Oregano Hot and Spicy:  is a fun herb to grow in the summer to add to your Mexican cuisine.  This herb has a spicy flavor like the heat of a mild chile pepper.
  • Orange Mint: Do not plant in the ground!  Always plant mint in a container or it will spread like crazy in your landscape.  The Orange mint variety will be an awesome addition to infused water.

Highlighted Plants

Here are a few of my favorite photos from today’s video share.  Be sure to hold onto those plant tags!

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