Laura Ashley Cressida Floral Print Review

The cut flower display at grocery stores pull me in like a piece of metal to a magnet.  I can’t walk past a display of seeds without purchasing an entire cut flower garden.  Over the years it has been exciting to watch the different floral designs introduced for home and wardrobes.  As I take a inventory around my home it is evident that I’m a  true fan of floral.  In this post I share a few of my favorite floral links I recommend and a Laura Ashley Cressida Floral Print review.

laura ashley gardening gloves
Pruning Hydrangeas with Laura Ashley Floral Print Gardening Gloves

“The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.” Ariana Grande

Laura Ashley Cressida Floral Print Photos

Adele in Floral

You can imagine how exciting it was to see one of my favorite artist wearing a beautiful floral in a award winning video.  I wonder if Adele  in ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ inspired anyone to start wearing floral prints.  Either way,  I love ADELE, the dress and the video!

Find this video and more of my favorite songs at Music Playlist on


Readers interested in adding forever in style floral to wardrobe collection can purchase at Amazon.  The Laura Ashley Cressida Floral Print is featured on this review in Clogs and Gloves.

For legal reasons I have to note that the products featured in this review were sent to me to share my honest opinion.  Everything I shared in this post in my own honest opinion on the products and floral print. 

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