How to Easily Grow A Succulent Garden In Your Home Garden

Succulents are one of my favorite plants to grow in the garden indoors and out. In today’s post, I share how to easily grow a succulent garden.

collection of succulents in container

Easy To Grow Succulent Garden

I’ve been growing succulents for over 20 years now in my home garden. It is exciting to share some of my collection in the video below. In the video, I share how to use pruning scraps or cuttings to create your own succulent garden.

Find this video on YouTube: Succulent Plants / How to Grow a Gift with Cuttings.
In the video, I mention the general pumice product.

Important Growing Tip

Yellow Gold Succulent during winter in dome

Do not overwater the plant. I like growing the succulents in pumice or gravel because ensures the plant roots are not sitting in water. Be sure your plant container or garden has sufficient drainage. Be sure the soil or stone does not feel wet – this means it needs to dry out.  The succulent garden will grow best in sunshine but can take shade as well.  Please note the plant leaves may change colors if you grow in shade. Succulent plants are stems that are fleshy and used to store water.  Thanks to the plant’s structure it is drought tolerant.

Succulent Gardening Images

One of my favorite plants to take photos of are succulents mostly because they are so unique.  The plant has so many different characteristics. Below are some of my favorite photos of succulents in my gardens. I hope these give you some ideas for future plantings.

Blue succulent

Above is a new BLUE succulent I found at a local garden center. It didn’t have a tag so I have no idea what the name is but I do know it loves full sun to keep its bright blue color.

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This post was updated December 10,2017

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