Unboxing of Rare Succulent Mangave Collection

In this post, I share the unboxing of over a dozen new Mangave I am adding to my collection.  You will see video of the plants as they arrived and more in this post.

Unboxing New Mangave Plants Video

New to my garden outdoors this year are dozen-plus rare succulents that are put of the Mangave collection.  In this video, I share with you as I open the boxes filled with over a dozen new ones to add to my collection.

NEW software to edit content from my Sony 4K video recorder called Movie Studio 16.0 Platinum.

I also used the new beta upload for videos on PC at YouTube and it went very smoothly.  I hope to do a review of that service too so be sure to follow me on YouTube at Bren Haas.

Collection of Mangave Succulents

Obviously I will be adding more post including video and images from the Mangave collection as they grow in my hardiness zone 5b Garden.  That is right… in Ohio a massive succulent collection. This can only be made possible by growing during the wintertime in a greenhouse. My greenhouse happens to be a Geodesic Bio Dome out in a farm meadow nestled along the Portage River.  Check out my website to find out more about the dome garden.

More About Mangave

Mangave Spot

I personally have been growing Mangave since 2017 in my home garden.  My first plant was Inkbolt and I totally put it to the test in my Ohio garden.  Hans Hansen is the breeder of the Mangave collection and I want to invite you to check out his website at Mad About Mangave to find out more.

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear from you so be sure to comment on this post sharing what you think about these plants and what you would like me to share with you next!  I am always up for suggestions so stop by my contact page to really tell me what you think.

Happy Succulent Growing,

Bren Haas

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