Montauk Daisy Review

In this post I share a quick video highlighting the beautiful Montauk Daisy in a Review.  My readers will find images on this perennial along with growing tips.

Montauk Daisy Review Video

Other wise known as the Nippon, the  Montauk daisy plant is one of my favorites this time of year.  Showy white blooms on this daisies from midsummer to frost. Their foliage is thick, dark green and lightly scented.  I would may end up moving just to give it more space to really grow tall.

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Where to find The Montauk Daisy

Montauk Daisy

The plants I have featured on my post today were purchased from Home Depot in 2019.  I also found this variety on Amazon at Perennial Farm Marketplace.  I would love it if you used my link to purchase one! The reviews of the plant look fantastic and if you are a Prime member you can return the plant if you aren’t happy with it.  Thank you for considering ordering through my link.

About the Montauk Daisy

Over the years I have spotted this plant before it blooms and after it has bloomed in various landscapes.  I think the first time I spotted it was in Toledo at the Docks downtown.  I had no idea what it was but loved how full the plant was and the fragrant of the leaves was kind of unique and nice.   The next time I spotted the plant was in California after the Napa Train Adventure.  On both occasions I had no idea what the plant was!  I am thrilled that I bought it locally and grew 3 in my home garden landscape.  There are many reasons I love this plant but most of all are the following:

  • Easy to grow once established in landscape
  • Beautiful white blooms that stand out in the landscape
  • Hardy in zones 5-9
  • Late season into Autumn bloomer
  • Dark green foliage from early spring to early winter
  • Pollinators love it!

In the gallery above is the plant growing in a landscape that gets zero attention except maybe weed management out at the Docks in Downtown Toledo.  WOWZA!!!!  This is where I fell in love with the plant. 

More Autumn Landscape Ideas

Autumn just maybe my favorite time of year to enjoy the outdoors.  In the links below you will find additional landscape ideas.

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