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Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Shrub

In this post I share my Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon Hibiscus shrub in my home garden.  This shrub was planted in 2016 and continues to put on a beautiful flower show this time of year.  You will find video, images and growing tips on my website today.

Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon Review

I never imagined this shrub would get so thick at the bass and tower over the landscape.  It is the highlight of my back garden where I have a few different pollinator friendly plants growing.  The monarch butterfly and humming birds make their rounds to this shrub from the cool woods in the late summer.  Check out the video feature today showing the Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon at 7 years old in my home garden.

This Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon Video is part of my Bren Haas Channel. 

Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon Growing Tips

I highly recommend this shrub for most any home garden for many reasons.  Below I will list a few of the top reasons anyone who enjoys being outdoors or just loves flowers should own one of these shrubs.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to ask questions and find out where you can find your own Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon.

  • The shrub is rated for hardiness zones 5-9.  Not sure what zone you are in check out my post about the USDA Hardiness Zones. 
  • Purple Pillar can reach up to 16 feet tall but only 2-3 feet wide with blooms in late summer.
  • Super easy to take care of and enjoy late summer color after the shrub is established in the garden landscape.
  • The Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon is part of the Color Choice Proven Winners collection so be sure to look for the PW label when ordering yours online or at local garden centers. Get yours at Proven Winner on Amazon this week!

Thank you for stopping by my website today.  Check out the Pillar or Tower and other Rose of Sharon Hibiscus on my website today!

Q&A About The Pillar Rose of Sharon

Question: How well will this variety do in windy locations?


Please feel free to  submit questions in the space below or on my Connect Page!

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In conclusion of writing this post to share with my readers I am heading out to the garden to prepare for Autumn on the way.   If you like this shrub feature I truly hope you will consider leaving a comment on my post.  Show your support by sharing this with your social media following.  You can find my at BrenHaas on most of the platforms but it is best to contact me on my website via email.  Let me know if you are consider a Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon in your home garden.  I love hearing  if you own one as well so lets connect soon!

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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