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January To Do Vlog in the Dome Greenhouse

Today we take a walk out to the dome greenhouse with my ‘crew’.  This video is part of my new vlog series ‘Creative Living and Growing’ with Bren Haas.

What To Do in January Dome Greenhouse

It is hard to believe we are already two weeks into the New Year.  This is going to be another amazing growing year.  In this video I share what it is like to go out to the dome with my ‘crew’.  You will see Sissy, Buddy, and Oliver out helping in the dome.  Wait until you catch all the fun things you can actual grow and take care of this time of year.  The video below:


One of the many vlog series featuring the dome greenhouse.  This is part of the Bren Haas Channel.

January Dome Greenhouse Highlights

In the videos I put together it is obvious I could go on and on with all the fun things to do.  Being able to grow year-round is amazing and makes life so much fun!  The days I am in a mood and everything seems to be going the wrong direction turn positive in this growing space.  Below is a photo of my pup Oliver.  You must agree that he is pretty happy living and growing in the dome as well.

Oliver Out in the Dome

Stay tune to see how the coconut coir is used to start seeds.  I will share with you some of my perennial seeds I’ve got in storage.  My ‘crew’ and I will be starting these perennial seeds this week in the dome so stay tuned!

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Thank you for checking out my dome greenhouse today! 

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing all your plants in the dome with us! I always enjoy seeing how it changes with the seasons too! And your “crew” is so cute!

    1. Thank you for commenting and watching the video Melissa!!! Happy New Year – I would love to see what your plants are looking like this time of year so share some photos and videos soon.

  2. What fun to have a guided tour through your greenhouse and see your pets enjoying it too. You have a lovely property too! We are getting ready for more snow-our winter is just getting going…late this year but it will probably finish with a bang! Looking forward to the next video! I bought some more garden seeds at the nursery today while getting some of their fresh eggs-huge double yolkers that have to have the cartons rubber banded when taken out of the flats!

    1. Fresh eggs are always the best!!! I am considering starting to raise my own chickens for laying eggs. Right now I have a few friends who raise the chickens so it is nice to swap eggs for flowers! Thank you so much for watching my video. I am going to be making the new video before weekend but will most likely go live by next Monday. Thank you for being so kind and sharing feedback. I LOVE hearing about what you have growing on in your garden and home! Happy New Year!

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