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Dome Winter Garden | Cool Season Senetti Flower

The buds are plenty and ready to open any day. Come check out what is going on today in the dome here in my Ohio garden.   Check out the blooms coming on strong in the dome greenhouse in video and images on this post.

Dome Winter Gardening | Cool Season Flowers

In this video I share the beautiful SENETTI plant that is getting ready to bloom. The buds are plenty and ready to open any day. Come check out what is going on today in the dome here in my Ohio garden. Join the conversation by connecting with a comment at the bottom of this post.  More about the plants and features in this video later in this post so be sure to scroll down.

This video is one of the many feature on my Bren Haas Channel at YouTube.  You can find all the details on my website under YouTube Videos. 

Dome Garden Cool Season Flowers

Senetti Plant in Winter Garden Dome

What could be more exciting then having fresh blooms during the winter cool season.  In Ohio where we  are lucky to have green grass showing through the ‘white mulch’ it means ALOT!    Below are a few images I took during my afternoon visit to my dome greenhouse garden.  

Dome in Late December

During the spring season I enjoyed the white blooming Senetti however, I do not think this one made it through the summer.  

Stock plant is quickly becoming one of my favorites again despite the fact that it is an older variety.  The package below is one I have in my seed inventory not what is featured on the video share.

Seeds From Local Garden Center
Sissy Kitty and the Temp Stick

Here comes the bloom show…  It looks like the purple and the electric blue varieties are the winner for cool season blooms this season.   Not only does the plant have amazing green foliage it has many blooms that are lasting a long time.

Senetti Blooming in Winter Dome Greenhouse

Please be sure to scroll down and ask questions or tell me what you think.  Feed back is appreciated so sign on!

MORE Senetti On My Blog

I’ve been growing the Senetti Pericallis plant for about 10 years now.  You can find these varieties locally during the early spring season.  I must say they are little fussy to my weather changes outdoors in Ohio during the early to middle summer season.   Dispute needing a little extra attention they are one of my favorites to grow because they are unique and they do really well in my dome greenhouse during the winter season.

The image above will take you to the other posts on my blog featuring this unique plant. 

Let’s Connect

After checking out what I’ve got growing on in my garden this time of year I would love to hear your comments.  Be sure to leave your name and thoughts below.  I can’t wait to share more about what is growing in my home and garden this season so please stay tuned.

Happy Winter Gardening,

Bren Haas

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