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How to Grow Begonia Tubers

One of the most delightful plants to nurture is the Begonia grown from tubers. With a plethora of Begonia types to brighten up both your indoor and outdoor spaces, here’s a blooming beauty ideal for your patio! Check out my video showcasing how I kickstart the Begonia magic in my dome greenhouse. Don’t fret if you don’t own a greenhouse – you can easily pull this off indoors until the frost bids farewell.

How to Grow Begonia Tubers

It is that time of year where you can find the begonia tubers in bags locally.  The product in my video below is a variety found at Costco.  Check out my simple tips and tricks on how to easily grow these gorgeous Begonia flowers.

The video on this post is part of my Bren Haas YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/EVCPTyl1L94 .  If you have issues viewing this content be sure to reach out to me.

About The Begonia 

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Begonias, those delicate blooms, thrive in shady spots in warm areas and can manage with a bit of shade in cooler regions. Keep them happy with a steady watering, snip off spent blooms for a floral encore, and feed them well for those show-stopping blossoms!

The variety in my post is the Golden Balcony.  It will bloom in a spectacular fusion of orange, peach, and golden yellow, creating a floral fiesta fit for hanging baskets or containers. Quite often I mistake their blooms for petite doubling roses without a fragrance. These blooms always brighten up my somewhat dull gazebo sitting area by the pond with a vibrant oasis bursting with color.  The plant does well during the hot winter months in full shade with a little morning sun.  Keep the container soil moist but don’t drowned the roots.

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Have you grown Begonias in containers before?  Please feel free to leave feedback and comments in the section below.  You can always find me on my website.  I sincerely hope you try growing some of these Begonias from tubers.

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