Spring Planting Ideas | Clematis and Roses

It finally feels like Spring in my garden as I walk through the landscape around the front of my home this early April morning.  Hard to believe just five days ago we had 5″ of snow covering the garden.  This is the time of year I enjoy weeding, mulching, moving plants around and adding new plants to the garden especially in my front landscape because it is the first to dry up in the Spring.  During the early days of Spring you want to be very careful not to step on the grass too much until it drys up to prevent damage.   Today I want to share a great combo planting idea for your home garden.    Take a look at the video I put together featuring my clematis and rose plantings in my early April landscape.  I share a few pruning and planting tips you won’t want to miss.

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Find this video on my Home Garden Planting Tips Playlist.

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Images of Clematis that pair up great with most home garden roses.

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