The Houseplant Handbook

The Houseplant Handbook Book Review includes a fun video and my top 3 reasons why you should own a copy!  NO more guessing about which houseplant is going to make you happy.  This book is my all-time FAVORITE!

The Houseplant Handbook Book Review

The easy to read and simple to use the tool every person breathing should own.  Remember me sharing how plants are a part of healthy living?  This is the handbook to answer all questions that have helped me live plants happy indoors.  Watch the video to find out why I love this publication.  You can also scroll down and check out the 3 top reasons YOU MUST get this book.

Play Video about Houseplant Handbook Review Video

Find this video on my YouTube Channel @BrenHaas and of course Facebook! 

Top 3 Reasons To Own Houseplant Handbook

I actually have a few dozen reasons everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle should own this book.  Due to the fact that I have plenty of plants to tend to I am going to narrow this down to 3!  The three top reasons to own Houseplant Handbook by David Squire are listed here:


How many times have you purchased or brought home from the library and amazing houseplant book only the plants can’t be found locally? The Houseplant Handbook features practical plants found locally or on Amazon. Comprehensive Plant Directory that covers more than 300 species with color identification photos, botanical and common names with practical advice.


A page from Houseplant Handbook

The Houseplant Handbook is a soft bond easy to flip through pages.  Each section is simple and to the topic with no guessing.  The book reminds me of an awesome houseplant website.  User -Friendly references for every stage of indoor gardening.

WIN-WIN Content

Complete Guide and DIY instructions to Caring for houseplants by a horticulture expert.  Everything I have read in this book I totally agree with – and I’ve been growing indoors all my life.

 The link to my Amazon Shop is here if you would like to purchase this book!  ((Thank you!)) 


I love creating videos and images featuring creative living that works for me. Show some support and share this with friends on social media. This video is featured on my Facebook Page too so Check it out and follow me to the #gardenchat Group.


You may enjoy my Low Light Houseplant v-log share if you think you can’t grow anything indoors! 

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Are you interested in growing houseplants for the first time or at least getting this book for someone you love (yourself)?  I would love to hear from you so lay it on me by a comment on the blog post or reaching out on my contact page.   I can’t wait to hear all about the houseplants you grow.

Happy Growing,

Bren Haas

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