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The Best Low Light Houseplants Recommendations by Bren Haas

It is funny how the little things in our home can make a huge impact.  In this video, I showcase a few of my favorite houseplants that grow in low light.  These plants are a win-win and will make a positive difference in your home.  Don’t forget to watch the video all the way through! 

Brens’ Top Low Light Houseplants Pick

You know I am loving making videos for you all especially when the videos are about things I LOVE!  In this video, you will see the plants I ‘ve been growing successfully in low light for over a year (a few up since 2012).  My favorite critters are in the video too.   Please note that if you have cats and dogs in your home it is important to keep an eye on them and  DO NOT LET THEM EAT any houseplants.  The ‘poisonous’ houseplant issue is a subject for another video INDEED!   

Play Video about Best Low Light Houseplant Video

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Highlights Featuring Low Light Houseplants

In the video, there are 3 plants that really stood out.  These are the three I want to highlight below.  Be sure to check out the images and don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions.


I am starting out with the Aglaonema because this has been my favorite plant since 2012 when I started growing it.  I do NOTHING to it really but water maybe once a month.  It wasn’t until I made this video that I realize (by reading the tag) that it was an Aglaonema.  The Red Aglaonema has been my post talked about beloved plants since 2016 and I had no idea they were in the same family!!!!  ( blond moment for sure)

RED Aglaonema

This plant is my pick year-round but it really makes an impact during the holiday season with its hits of red and pink in the glossy leaves.  I’ve been recommending this plant to everyone since I started growing my first one in 2015.   The plant makes a great gift for anyone year-round so I commonly take this to house warmings because they are super easy to find locally.

Hard to believe this was the plant I use to kill.  What was I don’t wrong?  I really believe it was just my confidence after killing one in the past.  I started focusing on giving the plant the right space to grow after seeing it in numerous restaurants across the country.  If they can grow these – I can too!  I am noticing the plant loves low light and space to grow down.  I hope to try this moderately vigorous climbing evergreen perennial in my greenhouse dome.

Shout OUT To these Low Light Houseplants

Below are a few more plants that didn’t make my top 3 but I need to shout out to them. Be sure to leave a comment on my blog with any thoughts you may have about these plants.
You may have noticed the zz plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia in the video.   Because it is only hardy outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 and 10, many home gardeners choose to grow it indoors, where it thrives even in low light and little water. It is a pretty cool plant that does well with little light.  My ZZ Plant totally took off when I fed it some cactus food believe it or not.  Within a year I was able to divide the plant into 3 new plants.
Snake Plant
The Snake Plant 0r Sansevieria is another cool plant that loves low light. They say it is a slow glower but I have been enjoying new babies from the base of the plant growing in low light after 2 years.  I did a video review showing how I transplanted the Sansevieria. Other names for the Sansevieria are:
  • bowstring hemp
  • devils tongue
  • good luck plant
  • mother in laws tongue
  • snake plant


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