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Dome Update For Last Week of March

In this post I share my latest vlog featuring the late March dome greenhouse update.  Check out highlights from the roses, new dahlia and vegetable starter plants after night in the 40’s.

Dome Update For Last Week of March

Dome in Late March
Dome Life | Growing Year-Round in the 20 Foot Ohio Dome

This is just a 10 minute clip from content I could present from sunrise to sunset.  I am excited to share with you how the rose varieties I am growing perform in this space.  The dahlias available locally this time of year are tempting m.  In the video you will see a variety I found at Walmart. Scroll down below the video to see highlights of my favorite outtakes today.

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This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.  I hope you check out additional videos on my website in vlogs.

Dome Update Highlight Plants

This year I am really trying hard to get more content on my site featuring the plants I grow.  The vlogs I put together will highlight some of my favorites that I feel are important to talk about.   If you have questions or want to hear more about an item mentioned please get a hold of me on my site.   Here are a few of the plants and topics mentioned in the video I want to highlight.

Tomato and Pepper Starter Plants

Compared to years past I wasn’t completely shocked that the 2-3 inch tall starter plants did well during a spring night.  The temp stick (device we use to record temperatures in the dome) shows the dome hit 48*F over night.  This means that the location of the starter plants most likely was around 45*F on the far north /east side of the 20 foot dome.  In this post I share a photo of what they look like after a few very cool days in the dome with every little sunlight.

Check out my posts featuring the tomatoes and Peppers I am growing this year! 


zingaro Dahlia

I’ve got a new dahlia for this year that I found at Walmart. I wasn’t going to purchase any this year but I couldn’t resist.  The image looks awesome and there were only 2 packages left so I grabbed one.  It is the Zingaro Dahlia and I’ll be sure to share updates as it blooms and grows.  For now it is planted in a baggy in my dome.

Roses in the Dome

I’ve been trialing a few new roses in the dome that are in this March update.  I’ll list the ones I have growing in containers below.  They all are doing great year-round especially in containers.  The containers make it easy to move the plant out of the super hot and humid conditions during the summer months.

  • At Last Rose
  • Gilden Sun Rose
  • Miniature Rose Shrub | Floral
  • Brindabella Rose | Purple Prince

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Thank you for checking out my website today.  I hope you take the time to connect with me by commenting below.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to hear more about.

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