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New Tomato Plants For 2022

This year I am mixing it up in the home garden.  In this post I share the new tomato plants for 2022 I have growing from seed.

New Tomato Plants

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I hope to do better at sharing photos of the tomatoes as they grow compared to last year.  Last year I was horrible at my tag making for each new seedling.  Things got so mixed up and I grew way too many.  When it came time to give the plants away I ended up giving too many away and not saving 1 of each for my own documentation.  This year I am doing much better so far.  Below is the list of new tomatoes I have started from seed.

  • Gold Medal (seed from 2012)
  • Think Pink
  • Pink Brandywine F1
  • Aunt Ruby Green 
  • Red Torch 
  • Terranzo  (2014)
  • Spoon Tomato
  • Hugh’s Tomato
  • Purple Reign

The seeds were started on February 18, 2022.  On March 15 I started to move the starters to the dome greenhouse.  Our last frost date in hardiness zone 5b is May 15.  I usually take the tomato plants to the raised beds and large garden by June 1st.

STAY TUNED: I will add more images of the tomatoes as they grow this year.

Tomato Plant From Seed 2022 Update

I put together a video showing how the starter plants are growing under lights indoors.  The video below shows how I divide the plants and transplant to a bigger bag for the rest of the season before planting outside.

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.  Be sure to connect with me on my site with any questions you may have.

Below are a few blog post related to the tomato plants growing for 2022.

More Tomato Recommendations

Let’s Connect

Do you enjoy growing tomato plants?  One of the best things about growing tomatoes in my home garden is they are super easy to start.  Once the season arrives we can’t get enough of homemade salsa and BLT’s.  If you would like to learn more about growing your own tomatoes please feel free to reach out to me by commenting on my blog post here on my website.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Happy Tomato Growing,

Bren Haas

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