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Creative Growing Citrus in a Greenhouse During Summer Heat

Everything about the 20-foot geodesic biodome greenhouse is AMAZING! In today’s post, I share a growing update featuring summer and citrus growing. After leaving for five days when the summer heat hit my area. Be sure to check out the video and creative images featuring the citrus highlighted in today’s post.

Summer Citrus Growing Video

My husband and I have been traveling more this year.  I think I am more excited about leaving my greenhouse to see what it will do when I leave it behind for a few days.  In this video you will see the citrus and a few other amazing plants I grow year-round in Northwest Ohio.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss an update! 

Play Video about Citrus Gardening Video

This video can be found on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel. Some of the plants featured in this video are listed below along with detailed growing tips.

Growing Citrus

Bug Poop on the Citrus Plant

I’ve been growing citrus since 2009 when a local garden center owner gifted a lime shrub to me.  I never imagined that just a few short years later I would be growing citrus year-round in a dome garden.  Here I am today with lemons, limes, orange, and a kumquat.   Growing citrus is no longer a luxury only southern gardeners can enjoy.  With the right plant and a little care, you can have your own citrus basically anywhere.

Citrus Growing in the Dome

We’ve had record amounts of rainfall in the outside garden this spring and summer but the dome inside is loving it!  The best thing about having this space is being able to learn how to control the conditions.  As the daylilies are blooming and it is so wet in the meadow where the dome is built I am unable to get the golf cart back to haul the citrus out if I wanted to.  In years past I had moved the citrus outside because I felt they needed to be pollinated.  The citrus I grow today is all self-pollinating meaning they don’t need another plant to produce.

Dome in Early Spring

It is amazing all the wonderful things I am learning to love to grow in the 20′ geodesic biodome in my backyard.  With a little tender loving care, the citrus is pruned to shrub size after each harvest.

It won’t be long and I will be sharing some great recipes using the lime and lemons I harvest this season.  Be sure to follow my adventure or subscribe to my newsletter for more details.

Growing Citrus Tip

growing citrus

There are a few things to keep in mind when growing your own citrus. I’ve listed below a few things to keep in mind when beginning your creative adventure.

Dwarf Citrus Varieties

We are super lucky today to have so many different citrus plants available for us to grow in small spaces.  Traditional citrus trees are huge so be sure to find varieties that stay compact.


Citrus Growing in a Container

Grow the citrus in a decorative container you can easily move indoors when cold temperatures arrive in late Autumn or early Spring depending on where you grow.  The container should be sturdy and well-drained. 


No matter what variety of citrus you pick the plant loves sunshine.  If you don’t get at least six hours of sunshine during the summer season you may consider using LED lights.  Be sure the citrus plant is in a great sunshine zone in your greenhouse or garden patio.


Growing citrus in the greenhouse or dome doesn’t protect the plant from pest.  Be sure to check your plants regularly for critters such as ants, aphids and scale. Ants domesticate many pests that damage plants and citrus trees, and ants will move those bugs from one food source to the next.  Ants love the sticky residue left behind by scale so keep this under control by applying fungistatic soap or natural methods like releasing ladybugs. The link provided are products I have used in the past and recommend. 🐞

Selfie with Lemon and Lime

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear from you and what you think of growing in a space like the one featured in this video. Be sure to comment on the blog post or leave a detailed message on my contact page.
Happy Gardening Year-Round,
Bren Haas

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