Nature Watching Carp Spawn In My Spring Meadow

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This is a short video featuring my front meadow in early May after a late winter thaw and spring showers.  In 2019 the rain just wouldn’t stop in Northwest Ohio and other parts of the Midwest.  Experiencing record floods and late planting season.  This is content from the Carp Spawn in My Spring Meadow.

Carp Spawn in Spring

The carp that spawn in my area usually do so in late April – June.  This was a super wet season so we got to see the spawn in action.  I slipped on tall mud boots and watched for the snapping turtles.  Heading out to the front meadow on our property to see the action right in front of me.  I hope you enjoy this short video I put together featuring the carp and how they spawn.

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Drone Capture of Carp Spawning

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This video is on my Bren Haas Channel feature on YouTube.  If you have issues watching the carp spawn in Spring video please reach out to me on my website.

front meadow

Every year we like to laugh about how we live on Lake Haas.  The front Meadow floods from the ditch and the rivers reaching their limit has as they move on out to the Lake.  I use to dread the ‘flooding’ and get worried but after experiencing this a few years and seeing nature in motion I look forward to the spring thaw.  The carp and their spawning ritual is kind of cool to see in person.

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