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Hardwood VS. Laminate

Both hardwood and laminate flooring have their pros and cons.  In this post, I share my experience with both of these home improvement alternatives.

Hardwood VS. Laminate

That is the question when it comes to most high traffic locations of a home.  The flooring you pick is literally the foundation of your home.  This is also usually the first thing people notice when entering a room of your home.  Over the years my opinion of both these products has changed drastically.  Not only does picking the product for its quality but also its versatility make the difference.    Understanding each product is key.

LAMINATE flooring is basically engineered to look like ‘real’ or natural material such as hardwood floors. Laminate has been around for a long time really dating back to the early 1970s.  One might say that laminate allows the homeowner to have endless possibilities with all the color and texture options.

Hardwood flooring is available in many different textures and finishes.  This option offers an organic feel and can have a positive effect on raising the value of your home.  Hardwood has been used as the foundation of homes for centuries.

Hardwood VS. Laminate in The City

Home In Town Wood Floors

In our city home, it was a luxury to have a real hardwood floor. Both my husband and I had our hearts set on this look for our home.  Unlike laminate, hardwood has some maintenance required mostly because it is sensitive to everyday living that can cause dents and scrape the wood.  I can still remember the day I cried after dropping a can of tomato soup on the kitchen hardwood floor.  The space for the hardwood in town was relatively small so the light oak hardwood made the room appear larger.  Overall, I just LOVED the look!   Laminate flooring was used in the bathrooms and laundry space of the home.   Looking back on what I have learned and modern advances with the laminate products I would not change a thing in this home.

Hardwood VS. Laminate Flooring in The Country

In the country, we are constantly doing updates to the home and garden.  One of the additions was this beautiful custom made hardwood floor and staircase my husband designed.  I know I swore I would NEVER use hardwood flooring in the country because of all the natural hardscaping and lifestyle.  When we both decided on using hardwood in this project we knew that most of the traffic would be from the main living space of the home meaning slippers or socks would be worn on this flooring.  This addition to our home is one I do not regret.  Nothing adds warmth and comfort to a home like a unique hardwood floor addition.

Wood Staircase

Later I would like to share with you some of the other floors we have used in this ‘farmhouse’ out in the country.  Be sure to reach out to me on my website and subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch.

Hardwood VS Laminate Flooring
What is outside can make an impact on hardwood VS. Laminate flooring.

In Conclusion

When considering laminate vs. hardwood be sure to acknowledge the gardens that surround your home when making this choice.  Be sure to look at the laminates that are available today because they are just as beautiful as real wood floors.  I’d love to hear what you think about this subject so please leave a question or ASK ME ANYTHING on my website.

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