My Addiction to Seed

In this post, I share the excitement of finding new seeds at the grocery store in February. You won’t believe how uncommon it was to find gardening products back in 2010 year-round in my neck of the woods.  Addiction to Seed discussion here!

Somebody Stop Me | Addiction to Seed

Finding seeds at the grocery store, garden center, big box stores, and even gas stations is very common today.  When I originally wrote this post in 2010 it was a treat to find seeds in various locations.  I made a game of asking for help when I would find them because my addition would kick in. I wanted to buy all the seeds I spotted.

Can you believe there was a time when you couldn’t find seeds to start a garden in the grocery store?  It amazes me how times have changed and you can find seeds everywhere.  We are truly lucky to have seeds and other gardening supplies available just about everywhere we go today.  When I originally wrote this post it was exciting to find seeds as early as February at a garden center.  Sharing the excitement and where I found the ‘loot’ ( aka seeds) on social media was the highlight of my day.  It was like a game to collect more seeds and share them on social.

More About My Addiction to Seed

seeds in my bag

Find more about seeds starting in my catalog at Seeds.  If that isn’t enough… look below!  We have a huge event each year during super bowl Sunday starting seeds indoors.  Find out more about seeds at the link below.

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