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Our Trip To Bonneville Salt Flats

RV Trip Out West

During the 3-week cross-country road trip my husband and I took in the RV, we made a pitstop at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  This was one of the top highlights of the trip!  Not to mention, this was the only location my husband took the drone up to take photos and video.  In this post, check out a few of my favorite photos along with a video from the drone.

Video From The Drone

What a great time… the highlight of our trip from Ohio to the west coast and back.  Below is the drone video footage we took during this adventure.  Be sure to follow me on YouTube for more fun videos I create.

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This video on my YouTube Page at Bren Haas | Creative Living.

From the Bonneville Salt Flats

We spent the night nearby at a truck stop – believe it or not!  Have you seen the RV?  It was like staying at a cozy hotel suite.  We were able to pick up a few local t.v stations. The best part was SLEEP!  We drove very late and arrived after dark.  Video of the RV soon

In the photo below- enjoying a fresh morning brew. During the sunrise, we drove about 10 minutes from the truck stop to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Fresh coffee and a breakfast muffin that morning all prepared in the RV on location.  It was fun chit-chatting with others who stopped out that morning.  There were two gentlemen from the area who stop during their bike ride to chit-chat with us.  A family who spoke only Japanese stop and showed us a photo from a Will Smith Movie.  The photo was of the mountains that were surrounding us. * Don’t forget the lip balm! 

Drone over Salt Flat Sign
Sign to Salt Flats

I personally think the best way to see the Bonneville Salt Flats is RVing.  We were there late in the season and it was nice to everything we need in the camper with us.  However, there is a gas station near by that had just about everything you may need as far as food and beverage. 

Apples and Banana
Breakfast and Coffee in the RV at Salt Flats

This was one of our favorite stops during the Route 66 Road Trip.

Map Bonneville Salt Flats

If you put the following address in you can find the Bonneville Salt Flats on your mobile or desktop map.  Just paste & copy the following information.

Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway | Bonneville Speedway Road, Wendover, UT 84083
Check out my review on Google Maps if you are over there and give me a thumbs up!

Wendover Utah Sunrise
Sunrise at Salt Flats
On The Road Again

Check out some of the other great places we visited during the Route 66 Road Trip.  I realize that Salt Flats are NOT on the actual 66 route but it was part of our return home to Ohio journey.

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I will be sharing more from this trip as time allows!

Let’s Connect

Have you been to the Bonneville Salt Flats?  I’d love to hear from you so please be sure to comment below or send me a message on my contact page. I personally recommend driving cross country before the early Autumn weather hits the Mountains in the west to see this location.

Thank you for stopping by,

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  1. My family visited the Bonneville Salt Flats last September! It was my first time seeing it! And to experience it you have to drive out on the salt!

    1. Does walking on the salt flats count? I did that!
      Bobbi – thank you for sharing your experience with me. I hope to visit the great state of Utah again and see the Bonneville Salt Flats. (fingers crossed and Lord willing).

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