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Seed Starting | Pink Banana

After keeping these Pink Banana seeds safe for a good 3 years, I’m diving into planting them now! Check out the video below to witness the magic of starting these seeds indoors. Get ready for a bunch of fun facts and juicy details about this adorable little banana tree.

Planting The Pink Banana Seeds

This is my first time growing a banana tree from scratch! I’ve dabbled in raising Cavendish and Truly Tiny banana trees from teeny tiny plants before. The excitement was real, so I thought, why not spice things up with a new seed variety? Check out my video for a sneak peek into the thrilling world of seed germination!

Find my video on Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Most of my videos can be found on website under the VIDEO tag! 

About the Pink Banana

The fruit, while technically edible, lacks palatability. Moreover, it is notably starchy and contains exceptionally hard seeds capable of causing dental damage. Nevertheless, the plant is cherished for its remarkable ornamental aesthetics. Here are a few important facts about this variety of banana tree.

  • Hardy to USDA zone 7Hardy to USDA zone 7b
  • Soil must be 80*F or higher to germinate seeds
  • Small ornamental tree that produces flowers
  • Native to eastern Himalayas.
  • Leaves can be used for making tamales
Can you imagine biting one of those seeds?!

Let’s Connect

Thanks for diving into my video and snapshots on planting Pink Banana seeds! Here’s to hoping I have a green thumb. Don’t forget to keep tabs on my site to see if this plant party is a success! Feel free to drop your thoughts and feedback below. Let’s grow this garden together!

Happy Gardening,


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