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What’s Blooming This Week Garden Update – June 15

In this post, I share What’s Blooming This Week Garden Update – June 15.  It is refreshing to take a break from the soil to journal about it. This post features just what was going on in my June garden.

What’s Blooming This Week Garden Update – June 15

greenhouse raised bed

The rain is coming down here in the Northwest Ohio. I enjoy weeding, planting, and mulching in the light showers.  I worry after pulling a muscle in my back at the beginning of June. So far it has not set me back as long as I take my time and actually enjoy the garden.  Below I share some of the highlights from my June garden so far this year.  Be sure to check out the photos and reach out to me with any questions.

Greenhouse Gardens Blooming 

Back in the greenhouse gardens, the raised beds are growing amazing this June.  The tomatoes are growing at least 3″ a day ( it seems) and they are starting to flower as I’m harvesting many different flavorful lettuces before the heat kicks in.  Lettuce tends to get bitter with the heat.  The rain is making it easy to transition in new plants for the heat of summer.  The photo below shows the different plants I have growing today.

mixed annuals in the raised bed

I love to stick some of my favorite annuals in the raised beds borders for additional color and to attract the pollinators.

Climbing Color 

In Little Rock at P.Allen Smiths in townhome grows a vine over the door of a shed.  I have a new Virginia Creeper by Proven Winner growing on a back fence and just loved the color but hated the location.  I transplanted it up next to the propane tank and rain a string up to some crazy grapevine I have around the door.  I’m hoping it will climb the string and go around the door.

string with vine climbing on shed

This will be a fun plant to tame this summer into autumn.  After growing this variety on the back fence I kind of understand it’s habits.  This will be a show stopper in Autumn as it turns FIRE RED – its name is Red Wall Virginia Creeper by Proven Winners.  Brilliant red fall color in this fast-growing vine. Hard to imagine I will have to keep an eye on this vine when it is established so it doesn’t take over.

Roses In My Garden

Rose in Hand

This weekends post is dedicated to roses on my site and maybe some BBQ since it is Fathers Day.  The roses are doing wonderful in many of my beds so there is plenty to show off on a post.  Here is a sneak peek  and be sure to follow my site to see what’s blooming next!

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear about your garden and what is blooming.   Be sure to take the time to comment on this post.  My readers are welcome to reach out to me on my contact page or social media @brenhaas.

Happy Gardening Friends,

Bren Haas


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