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Winter Dome Update after The Trenching in Autumn

mud boots raised bed dome winterIn this post, I will share a video and photos documenting how trenching is working around my dome. Be sure to check out the video and images featured on this page.

Winter Dome Update After Trenching Video

In the video featured on this page, I share an update on how the dome is performing during a somewhat mild winter after the trenching work was completed in Autumn.  I hope you will watch the video below.

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Water Dome Images

It is fun to look back on what was growing in the dome garden in years past during January and February months.  This year has been extremely mild with little snow.  I am thankful to have a weather station on-site to keep track of exactly how much daylight and precipitation we get outdoors.  In the photos below you will see new growth and plants that are just hanging in there during this time of year.  Controlling the water that is moving around and into the dome has helped these plants tremendously.

Inside the dome, the south wall use a puddle along the walkway.  I have added stone on the pathway and of course, the trenching has helped.  Below are photos of that section.


Outside the dome this time of year we usually have snow and lots of puddles in the meadow that surrounds the dome.  Here are photos of what that area looks like.

Dome during mild winter in meadow

The meadow where the dome sits is surrounded by woods that the river runs through.  In these photos you will see what grows along the path during the winter, water moving slow to the drop-off.

Stay Tuned

I really need to get a video and some images up of my husband working on the trenching he did in this area. It is pretty interesting to see what was used to help move the water out to the woods and eventually to the river.   I hope you will stay tuned for those updates.

Let’s Connect

In conclusion of sharing this documentation, I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment on this post.  You are also invited to reach out to me and learn more on my contact page.  I hope this post featuring water and dome life will help you or has inspired you to try something new in your home and garden.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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  1. We trenched and drained about a 100 yard width of our back yard which floods every spring and in part remained wet most of the year. We had trees die in that area due to constant wet. Trenching saves many a garden area as weather patterns change from time to time.

    1. That is a good point out trenching and the trees. Moving the water out to the river is good in this area because our sycamores were really struggling with too much water. I am curious to see how the fig trees and my tea tree does in my dome come spring. There roots run way down into the soil so hopefully this doesn’t effect them.

      Thank you for sharing with me!

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