Update Exciting New Containers Coming To The Geodesic Dome Garden

I hate to say it but WINTER will be here before you know and it is time to make sure things are in order to continue the growing season.  In this post, I share Update Exciting New Containers Coming To The Geodesic Dome Garden. 

Walk About in The Geodesic Dome Garden Mess

Here is the video of my dome and what is going on in the next few days.  It is exciting to add the new vertical growing stations.  The possibilities are endless with these structures that allow gardeners to utilize more space for growing.

This video is on my YouTube page.  If you are having issues viewing please reach out to me or click over to my Channel and subscribe.

Shout Out From Dome Video

In the video, I mentioned a few amazing plants and products I highly recommend.  Below I’ve added a few I don’t want you to miss.

  • Altifarm – This grow system allows pretty much ANYONE to grow year-round in almost any conditions.  Interested in getting one of your own be sure to use my affiliate link so I get a little credit for sharing with you.
  • Goji Berry – What can I say but the Goji berry really do taste weird if you eat them right off the vine.  The plant is gorgeous however and I recommend freezing your harvest to use in smoothies or salads because they do pack a lot of nutrients.
  • Mangave – I’ve been collecting the Mangave Collection for a few years now and highly recommend them if you are into grow something new and exciting. If you live in the north like me you will have to bring them indoors for the winter.  I share more on my website about Mangave so take a look.
  • TruDrop Watering Container – detailed review of my personal experience coming soon.  If you are interested in purchasing one I recommend the products from Crescent Garden Indoor/Outdoor. Please consider using my affiliate link so I get a little credit for your purchase.


Dome Garden Update Images

In the slide show below I have featured some of my favorite images from today’s post.  Be sure to let me know what you think about each by commenting on my post or sharing on social media.  Don’t forget to tag me @brenhaas if you share! 

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you and what you would like to learn from me in the Dome Garden in upcoming season shares.  Be sure to comment on this post and reach out to me on my contact page featured on this website.

Bren Haas

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