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Mangave in Container

Moving Mangave in the Autumn

In this post, I share the fun task of moving mangave in the Autumn.  This plant is unbelievable year-round really and I want to share with you all why I am MAD about Mangave! Moving Mangave in the Autumn Video Originally I sat up my tripod and used my iPhone to create a video sharing

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Bren Haas Unboxing Mangave

Unboxing of Rare Succulent Mangave Collection

In this post, I share the unboxing of over a dozen new Mangave I am adding to my collection.  You will see video of the plants as they arrived and more in this post. Unboxing New Mangave Plants Video New to my garden outdoors this year are dozen-plus rare succulents that are put of the

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Mangave in the landscape

Mad About Mangave Plants

You all know I love to push the limits and grow just about anything (legal) I can get my hands on.  Introduced to the Mangave a few years ago at a new plant tour in Michigan I quickly became obsessed. Today I am working on owning the complete collection.  In this post, I share why

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canna and succulent container

Canna and Succulent Container Planting

In this post I share one of my latest creations using canna and succulent in container.  This is a fun and easy way to enjoy vibrant color with little to no work!  Basically plant and do during the early summer months and enjoy until its time to harvest before late frost. Canna and Succulent Container

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Summer pickings with Sunflowers

Tinkering in the Garden with Todays Pickings

In this post I share a video and few images featuring the garden pickings from today.  I show and tell about the daylily blooms, mezoo succulent, figs and more. The Garden with Todays Pickings VLOG This video is some what of a how and tell today.  I had spent maybe an hour out in the

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Dome Garden Warm Up

Dome Greenhouse Update on February Winter Warm Up

In this post, I share a few images and video clips featuring the dome greenhouse.  You will see a video with sights and sounds around the dome garden.  I also want to feature a video clip from my pond today. with exciting plants growing all winter long. Dome Greenhouse Winter Warm-Up Video A winter storm

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