Tropicanna Canna Container Planting

One of my favorite plants to grow from tuber is the canna. In this post, I share an inspiring container planting filled with Tropicanna Canna and Yellow Toucan Purslane. The images are to show you how easy these winning plants are to grow in the right conditions.

Tropicanna Canna and Purslane

When I first started growing canna I would never imagined it would be one of my favorites to grow for many seasons to come. It is true.. I have some of this variety in my dome garden tonight. unfortunitely the purslane doesn’t do as well as the canna but these images are just too pretty to not show you how beautiful these plants are.

Nothing says summer like a container you can set in full sun and just let it grow! This is what I get when I plant canna in containers. I have always grown canna in large containers because it is easy to control the growing conditions. The tubers of the Tropicanna Canna can be started early in the dome or greenhouse to ensure blooms by mid-June. This plant can be grown directly in the ground or landscape. I have never grown the tuber that way because it is just easier to move a container around year-round. My Tropicana canna will go in the dome garden for winter where I enjoy the leaves of the plant year-round.

Container Planting 

Be sure to have a container that has good drainage.  The Canna tubers do not let to get their feet wet.  The plant does best in well-drained and somewhat dry soil.

The soil in the photo above looks very sandy and wet … be careful! 

Tropicanna Canna with Purslane

In this post, I am sharing images of the Purslane Toucan Yellow plant I got at Mulberry Creek a few years back.  I just love the shape and color of the foliage.  This plant was introduced by Ball Seed Company.  The plant looks great with my Tropicanna Canna but I was not able to winter it over.

Ball Seed

I just can’t get enough of the red tips on this plant.  It reminds me a lot of a jade plant I grow in the dome garden.

Don’t be shy when working with purslane.  Just be sure to plant in full sun.  The purslane is one of those annuals that love the same growing conditions as the Tropicanna Canna.

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Happy Summer Gardening,

Bren Haas


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