A June Visit to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

Mulberry Creek Herb  FarmIt’s always an exciting road trip out to the lake to visit Mulberry Creek Herb Farm.  This year we made the trip a little later in the season and I’m thankful we did because I most likely wouldn’t have brought home as many tomato plants to try out. It’s been a rough season on the veggies with the crazy weather in my garden. The strawberries were being harvested out in their field and preparation for their upcoming herb festival was under way.

Tucked off a country road in Ohio…. 

Adorable working railroad in the landscape out in the parking lot of the Farm.  I love the miniature conifers they have in this landscape.
Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

Entering the Farm and Greenhouses

I love the shade of the tree that also frames the entrance to the farm.

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

Just pass the railroad miniature garden I spotted some friends from the organic world….

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm
Mark Highland – I wonder if your ears were burning because I was chatting about you with the owner of this fab location in Ohio.  The owner shared with me that she loves the way  Organic Mechanic Potting Soil drains in the containers.

As you walk the farm you can’t help but notice the rich soil!

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm


Visit to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm
Rosemary Tree in Ohio

Flowering Cilantro in the Landscape

Out near the raised bed gardens I noticed a beautiful white flowering ‘shrub’ as I got closer to see what it was I started craving salsa.   The blooms are from cilantro that has been left to go to seed.  Each year it grows in this location at the farm according to Beverly ( avid gardener and employee at the farm).   I’m so inspired by this … I can’t stop thinking about where I should grow my cilantro OUT in the garden.

Organic Farm Shopping

One of the highlights of shopping at a location that grows all organic is you can safely taste the herbs and veggies before you purchase them!  This Thai Spinach is coming home with me after I tried a taste!

Come … Learn and Explore

After a visit to Mulberry Creek Farms I’m always inspired to try new things and it is a refreshing reminder that YOU CAN GROW large farms / gardens organically.

Did I mention they have Chickens and a Peacock too!

I got to shop with a peacock!

More Information about Mulberry Creek Farms

In 2009, Mark, Karen and the rest of our herb farm staff decided to focus on the local market, instead of adding on more greenhouses and zeros to each side of our ledger. It goes against the trend of “bigger is better” but when you’re raising 2 young sons, it makes sense. –  from Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Site 

Herb Festival


Visit my Flickr Album filled with more photos from this visit to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm. 

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  1. Sounds really interesting. I’m in Pittsburgh, PA so it’s doable. This summer is all booked up but maybe I’ll plan ahead and get there next year. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m going to share what’s blooming in my garden … the roses and veggies are loving the warm weather with rain we’ve been receiving!
      Thanks for visiting Heather!

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