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Raised Bed Revolution By Tara Nolan

Eggplant and More in Raised Beds
One my my gardens feature in the book!

In this post I share a video and many take away tips about the book ‘Raised Bed Revolution’ by Tara Nolan.   This publication review covers build it, fill it and plant it information that allows you to grow most anywhere.

Raised Bed Revolution Book Review

This book was a collaboration of many unique gardeners across the country.  Author and Gardener Tara Nolan notes in her book that this was one of the most challenging projects she has ever put together.  In the video below find highlights I personally recommend being a raised bed gardener myself since 2008.

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.  Find other books and gardening goodies I recommend on my website.

Highlights Of Raised Bed Revolution

Each year I personally discover something new about growing in raised bed construction.  This publication covers just about every technique I have seen in the past decade visiting home gardens, community gardens and of course on the internet. A few of my favorite things about this book are  equally important:

  • Many unique images from growers around the country.
  • Unique things to grow are highlights.
  • Wood, Stone, Bricks, and more building examples.
  • Easy and successful filling suggestions including composting.

What is the Raised Bed Revolution

This isn’t an ‘up rise’ of any sort … trust me!  The evolution of growing in containers and or raised beds has been in the makings for centuries.

Today, most people live in an urban setting so it is important to have access  to fresh food grown in their own space.  The various styles allow this to be accomplished easily.

One of My Images From My Raised Bed In The Publication
From the Raised Bed Revolution Book by Nolan


Get Your Raised Bed Revolution Copy TODAY!

I personally recommend owning Raised Bed Revolution (Build It, Fill It, Plant it…) by Tara Nolan because it is a important to be able to garden anywhere today.  I find just about everything from plant ideas to new construction in this book.

Consider getting your copy of Tara Nolan’s’ publication by using this Amazon Affiliate link because the book will be sent to your door in as little as 24 hours!


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