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LED Solar Fairy Light with Heavy Vine

Solar Fairy String LED Lights Review

These Solar Fairy String of LED Twinkle Lights are dancing on the garden trellis this year are the highlight of my summer.   I just love how easy they were to install outside my sun room door.  The set is well made and I am purchasing a few more sets to add around the garden and

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tidy rose tomato

New Home Garden Tomato Varieties

In this post I am sharing the new home garden tomato varieties I started from seed this year.  You will find an update later in the season as the tomato produces fruit.  One of the tomato plants I started just 2 months ago has a few fruits on them already so please read on…. New

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Tomato Vine Climbing Amaryllis Plant

Tomato Plant Climbing Amaryllis

I couldn’t believe what was going on in my sunroom where the Amaryllis grow this time of year.  There is a mystery plant using the Nymph Amaryllis as a trellis.  In this post I share a few unique images of the Tomato Plant Climbing My Amaryllis because we all need a smile. Tomato Plant Climbing

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summer romance yellow mandevilla

Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla In My Home Garden

In this post, I share how the Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla makes it easy to be lazy.  You will find videos and images with fun facts about this amazing plant. Don’t miss my recommendation and rating of this plant at the bottom of the post. Fun Facts About The Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla Below are

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cucumbers freshly cut in jars

Pickling Made Easy with Dad’s Classic Recipe

It’s hard to say if growing or preserving cucumbers is easier. In this post, I share Pickling made easy with Dad’s classic pickle recipe and let you decide. Dad’s Classic Pickle Recipe You’ll want to print this recipe to add to your cookbook.  Be sure to laminate it so you don’t get pickling juice all

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hard cover book | espalier

Espalier Fruit Trees Book Review

In this post, I share the publication titled’ Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge, and Pergola’ by Karl Pieber | Peter Modi.  You will see videos and images featuring the art of Espalier. See the highlights I find interesting in this publication. Espalier Fruit Trees Book Review There is nothing like holding a good hard

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handful of pea pods

Growing Peas With Children in the Home Garden

Celebrating Spring in the garden the perfect way – by starting seeds with my little helper. Each year I am anxious to start seeds. It is even more rewarding to start seeds with a little helper. In this post I share some fun facts on how we grow peas in my home garden. Peas Are

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My Red, White and Blue Theme Garden

It is important to me to have a Patriotic USA flag hanging on my home. In this post, I share my red, white, and garden and how you can put one together in your home garden. Red, White and Blue Plants In this post, I share the red, white, and blue plants that make up

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home garden of bren haas in summer 2009

Cucumber : Grow, Harvest and Recipes

In today’s post and presentation, we discuss cucumber: growing, harvesting, and some recipes.  Don’t miss the video presentation featured on this page. Cucumber: Grow, Harvest and Preserver We’ve been having so much fun sharing from our home and garden this summer. One of my all-time favorite things to grow is the cucumber.  Check out this

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gate into public gardens

A Quick Walk About at Lyndale Gardens in Minnesota

In this post, I share a quick video featuring a walkabout Lyndale Gardens in Minnesota.  Check out the photos in this post and consider visiting this public garden. Lyndale Gardens About With Gardener Andrew Lyndale Park is a Minneapolis city park on the northeast side of Lake Harriet. Next to Lakewood Cemetery, southeast is where

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