UPDATE 30 days later!  Scroll down to bottom to see the new plants.

stevia seedling in hydroponic basket

You can imagine my surprise to see all 4 of the pods where I started a few stevia seeds showing signs of life.  That is right… the variety that never germinates for me finally has!  Find out more about the Stevia in Hydroponics update in the video below.  Don’t forget to scroll down and leave comments.

Stevia in Hydroponics Update

The most recent research I conducted was to troubleshoot any issues I might have encountered while planting stevia seeds in a hydroponic system. Currently, I am particularly interested in hydroponics, so I purchased new seeds and began planting them in pods upon their arrival. Check out the video below for an update on my stevia plant.

You can find this video and many others on my Bren Haas YouTube channel. However, it is best to find additional tips and tricks on my website under the Video Category.

Stevia in Hydroponics Tips and More

The stevia seeds are incredibly small, so I sprinkle a few into one of the hydroponic pods. I purchased my seed variety from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds at a great price. Once the seedlings reach around 2-3 inches in height, I plan to start a few more seed pods. It’s always good to have some extras if I enjoy the flavor of that particular variety. Previously, I have dried the leaves to use in beverages later in the season.

Stevia is a plant that doesn’t thrive when the weather turns cold, whether in a greenhouse or outdoors. In the past, I grew my stevia from a local garden center in containers, which can be relocated indoors or to a sheltered area. To delve into hydroponics, I will keep one plant in the current setup to observe how long it will continue to grow.

Growing Stevia in Hydroponics

The really cool thing about growing the stevia from seed in hydroponics is you just let it do it’s thing!  As long as you follow the directions for operating the hydroponics set up you will have beautiful plants in about 30 days. 

The video is part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Let me know if you have issues viewing any content.  My next task is to show how the plant will transition over to soil in the greenhouse / dome.  

Stevia Seed By Rare Seeds
Stevia Plant Day 32
Day 32 in Hydroponics

More Hydroponics 

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Let’s Connect

After exploring the details on cultivating stevia plants from seeds, I encourage you to stay connected for further updates. I am excited to share more on this topic soon. Don’t forget to bookmark my website or reach out with a message.

Happy Stevia Growing,

Bren Haas

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