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Tips on How to Staying Healthy While Eating Out

The start of the workweek means a super busy time trying to get caught up from a long weekend while being productive with the day’s task… at least in my world!  I’ve been working hard over the past week keeping to a healthy eating plan that is keeping me active and feeling great.  When I opened my email to find amazing discounts and meal ideas from my favorite restaurants. In this post, I will be sharing five of her top suggestions that will help you be able to eat out and stick to those healthy eating goals.

Five Tips To Stay Healthy While Eating Out

Sometimes it is hard to go to my favorite breakfast patios like Dales in Waterville, Ohio and ask for fresh tomatoes instead of potatoes.  After the plate arrives I feel better about my choice because look how amazing that meal looks featured in the image below.

breakfast out on patio

You all know I love to eat out if you follow my Restaurant Reviews.  Sometimes it is super hard to stay on a carb sensible diet.

1. Don’t be shy about asking questions when ordering if you aren’t sure what is in the meal.

2. Speak up if you have a gluten allergy. (it’s okay to tell the waiter you do ….even if you don’t!)

3. You can almost always substitute fries for a fresh salad or side of veggies.

4. Beware dressings and sauces. This is usually where trans fats, refined sugar, gluten or dairy hideout!

5. Avoid entrees that are “crispy, creamy, au gratin or fried.”. FRESH IS BEST!

Just because you are living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t eat out.  I hope these healthy choice tips will help you as they have helped me.

Healthy Eating Out

Sharing a meal with my husband makes eating out healthy fun.  In the photo below we split a steak and large green salad on a patio bar in Iowa during a road trip.  Don’t be afraid to tell the waitress that you are splitting because sometimes they are nice enough to divide it for you and bring it out on two plates! 

meal for two

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I really enjoy sharing with you my personal experience. I hope you will take the time to share with me what you thought of this post.  Be sure to leave a message on my contact page featured on this site.

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