Royal Wedding Hosta

In this post, I share one of my favorite part shade to full sun perennials.  This is the Royal Wedding Hosta

Royal Wedding Hosta in Landscape

This is one of my favorites as it fills out to 1′ tall x 2′ under my Japanese maple.   The Royal Wedding introduced by Walters Gardens is a sport Hosta ‘Diana Remembered’. This hosta boasts a wider margin that emerges gold and ages to cream.

Royal Wedding Hosta in My Landscape

Below is a video featuring the plant in mid-Spring.  This is hardiness zone 5b Ohio. Listen to the birds and see the rain as it encourages the roots to grow even more. I can’t wait until I can divide this beauty.  I think I will end up rearranging this border taking out the old solid color hostas.  Once I share the blooms later in the season you will see why this plant is one of my favorites.  The video below is a really quick share featuring the plant as it is in real-time.  I just love how the leaves are thick and crinkled like a wedding dress back in the ’80s.  I am very sure the ‘Diana Remembered’ hosta would be super proud of this spin-off.  Be sure to check out the images and tag details below.

Find this video and more on my Bren Haas YouTube Page.

The Royal Wedding Hosta Tag

Details about this plant are found on the tag I found in the landscape.  I have to get better at remembering the names of these plants.  After doing this blog post I am very sure I will remember this plant.  I am a huge fan of the British Royal Family so this will be easy to not forget.

Brens’ Notes

This hosta has been in my garden since 2017.  It gets some hot afternoon sun but shade by dinner time during the hottest days of the summer. I have never seen bugs on the plant including slugs. The blooms are striking and I look forward to sharing photos of them with you as they bloom later this season so please stay tuned. 

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear about the hostas you grow in your home garden.  Please be sure to comment below with details. Happy Hosta Gardening, Bren Haas

4 Responses

  1. I love this. I must find that Hosta and grow it. Brilliant blog posting for this hosta.

    1. thank you for stopping by and commenting Sally! I look forward to sharing images of the blooms when they arrive on this hosta.

  2. I am also Hugh fan of Royals. This is a fantastic Hosta! I live in zone 8 in SC and the sun here even in the morning is too hot for my babies. My HumpBack Whale weathers it rather well and a couple of others. I moved here from Indiana but never had Hosta there but my daughter did in a shaded yard. Are u related to the Haas golf player.
    Have a great weekend.
    Millie Kaat yes related to Jim Kaat

    1. Thank you so much for taking a look. I can’t wait to share more of the hostas I have growing in my home garden this coming season so stay tuned. I appreciate that you commented on this post. Please stay in touch!

      As regarding the golf player question… I have no idea! My husband is one of over a dozen and his father from over a dozen siblings.. too many to keep track of! I hope he is a good player.

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