Everything I Love About Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plants

In this post I share the new Pot-A-Peno (Jalapeno Plants) I grew this season.  You will see a video featuring the plant including various conditions to grow these minis in.

Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plant Video Review

This plant was so much fun to grow during the last 2 growing seasons.  The video feature on this post highlights what the Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno look like growing indoors and after a long summer in full sun.  Testing plants to their limits is one of my favorite things to do.  I learn so much from seeing what a plant will do in various conditions.  If you are having problems viewing my content please reach out to me on my website.

Play Video

The Pot-A-Peno Plant review is part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out.  Be sure to scroll down to find out more about this awesome pepper plant.

About the Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plant

Pot-A-Peno Indoors

Whether you like peppers or not, this is a cute little plant to grow indoors and outdoors. The unique cascading jalapeno pepper plant is perfect for small space gardening. Over the summer I grew a few in hanging baskets with ease.  There are many reasons I love growing this mini kitchen garden plant.  Below are a few facts about the Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plant:

  • This plant is basically a miniature Jalapeno Plant
  • Plant Habit is Mounded making it perfect for containers and window boxes.
  • Pot-A-Peno is for culinary use.
  • Little watering required
  • The plant grows to 12-16″ tall and 18″ wide
  • Full sun for best growing results.
  • Harvest fruit green for a traditional spicy flavor or allow to ripen to red for a sweet, spicy zip.
  • All-America Selections Regional Winner
Happy Zinnia Harvest
Last of Harvest | Keep Pot-A-Peno Indoors

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Let’s Connect

After checking out this plant review I would love to hear what you think about it.  Maybe you were able to pick one up at Home Depot or another local garden center this year?  Feel free to comment on this post or reach out to me on my website today.

Happy Mini Garden Growing,

Bren Haas

2 thoughts on “Everything I Love About Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plants”

  1. Beautiful photos of your peppers! Interesting that this is the second season for this plant. I always thought they were annuals.

    • I hope to see how long I can keep this one going. I’ve got a traditional jalapeno in my dome that has been producing for 2 years now!
      Thank you for stopping by Elena. I appreciate that you took the time.


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