Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review

In this post I share a quick video and images featuring a creative way to dress up your porch for Autumn.  These are the Toland Rustic Autumn Pumpkin Pillow Cases.

Creative Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review

This is the Toland  Rustic Pumpkins 18 x 18 Inch Outdoor, Pillow Case  (2-Pack). These are awesome because you can use your summer theme outdoor toss pillows inside the case. The 2 pillow cases are very well made – if you know me.. you know I have been sewing basically all my life so I know when a zipper is made correctly. You can use a outdoor pillow inside this case easily. This autumn theme with sunflowers and pumpkins is an easy way decorate for Fall without leaving your front porch!  
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Where To Find The Autumn Rustic Pillow Case

 Please check out my description of this video for my amazon affiliate link where you can purchase your set of Toland Rustc Pumpkins 18 x 18 inch outdoor pillow cases.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and of course –  you can find this and other creative living ideas on my website at BrenHaas.com 
Amazon link at https://amzn.to/3mkCBJZ
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Pillow Case for Autumn Decorating Outdoors

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