Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome

Being a greenhouse owner means I don’t pay attention to the cold as much.  Every day is a holiday in this growing space.  This post I share a fun video featuring Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome.

Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome Video

My goal in 2020 is to share more V-logs daily so I hope you will subscribe to my channel on @BrenHaas YouTube and connect on my website.  I just want to share how amazing it is to be alive… and live in Ohio.  I am pretty random so be prepared!  Below is my latest video featuring all the fun Oliver is in the greenhouse dome. 

What do you think of that speedy puppy?  He is 14 months as of January 1 and not slowing down one bit.  I’ve been lazy – mostly because of after holiday cold and sinus bug.  Funny how in the dome garden my ear is suddenly starting to feel better.  Must be all that amazing sunshine coming in.

Photos from Features in this Video

Here are some of the photo highlights from my time spent in the greenhouse dome today.  Below are some of the seeds we start in the dome this time of year. These crops can be rotated as they are harvested.  Rotating is when you harvest and then plant more seeds.

collection of seeds

Always something new in the Greenhouse Dome Pond.  Each day is a learning experience.

Tech stuff…

Heater Counter

Recycle plants from the summer clearance rack and even bricks from 1880 home we owned in town for the greenhouse dome.


Santa is spending winter in the dome greenhouse soaking up the sun.

Christmas Decor

Let’s Connect

And this is why I am smiling… the dome greenhouse is for sure my high tech She Shed! 

Dome Garden in Winter

Sometimes I have a heck of a time thinking of titles for my post.  I really believe I am just thinking too hard so stay tuned for fun random REAL life videos coming in 2020.  It is my way of saying I am tired of thinking .. dome gardening is fun!  What do you think about that?  Connect with me on social media links featured on this website or reach out on my contact page.

Be Happy,

Bren Haas

4 thoughts on “Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome”

  1. Santa would be proud to find a long season home in your dome. Planting seeds, ahhhhh the smell of earth.


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