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Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon Shrub

In this post I share one of my all time favorite shrubs.  This is the Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon Shrub I have been growing in my home garden since 2014.  Find images, video and my personal growing advice about this plant below.

Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon Shrub

Today it stands out in the side landscape garden at 8 feet tall after pruning in early spring.  First glance those yellow and green variegated leaves really pop from late spring to late autumn.  When the blooms begin it is a lovely soft pink flower show!  I first saw this shrub when it was introduced at the Proven Winners / Spring Meadow plant trials many years ago.  On my last visit the shrub is still growing along one of the side buildings at the nursery in Michigan.  Below is a short video featuring how lovely the shrub looks.  ENJOY!

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This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.  

Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon

One of my favorite shrubs to grow in the garden landscape is the Rose of Sharon.   The majestic shrub reminds me of the original shrub my parents had outside our family home growing up.  Today I have close to a dozen different varieties of the Rose of sharon but the Pink Chiffon truly steals the show and my heart.

Those beautiful little puffs of pink… the pollinators just love the soft flowers.  The plant grows up to 8-12 feet tall and can take full sun.  Mine has been growing in shade until late afternoon sun since the day I planted it.

Where to Find Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon

Personally, I think every garden center in hardiness zone 4-7 should grow this unique plant.  Unfortunately,  most garden centers and nurseries can’t grow everything on the quickly changing market.  I recommend using Amazon Prime to get your Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon delivered to your home garden.  Please use my personal affiliate link so I get a little credit for the sale: AMAZON LINK  If you order the shrub today (8/17/22) you can have it sent from the Proven Winner shop in just a few days!

Let’s Connect

What do you think of this beautiful and super unique Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon?  I would love to hear from you so be sure to comment on my website today.

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