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Summer Italian Harvest Charcuterie

In this post I share a summer Italian theme charcuterie with fresh from garden favorites. Check out the fresh products from garden and local market. This post is to give you some ideas for a lite evening snack or dinner with family and friends.

What is a Charcuterie

First off I need to explain what in the world is a Charcuterie.  My first experience with this type of food display happen a few years back.  My sister in law makes the most beautiful holiday display of appetizers on a board.  These are called Charcuterie. My Summer Italian Harvest Charcuterie is inspired by her creative presentations.  Let me explain what a Charcuterie is:

  • Charcuterie is a French term for a branch of cooking theme to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage and pâtés primarily from pork.  \
  • Today, it’s common for a charcuterie board to contain an assortment of cheeses, artisan bread, olives, fruit, and nuts.
  • The presentations are always creative and arrange in a unique pattern.

Summer Italian Harvest Charcuterie

There are so many different herbs and produce you can add to a summer Italian harvest charcuterie.  In this post I am sharing my creation from evening on my deck near the pond.  After a full weekend of rain it was nice to just sit at the patio bar and enjoy a few items from the garden.  Below are photos of the fresh herbs and tomatoes pulled from the garden for this appetizer plate.

Every time I unscrew the top of this Blueberry wine I get a burst of fruit scent.  It may seem like an odd wine to pair with this Italian theme charcuterie but it was just perfect!

Don’t forget the glaze with balsamic vinegar of Moderna.  This item I find at Aldi makes is super easy to whip up my Caprese Salad.

Growing Italian Harvest Charcuterie Key Ingredients

I wish I could capture the moments in the garden this evening after the rain harvesting a few goodies.  In this post I use one of the Red Torch and New Brandyine I grew from seed this year.

 The beautiful basil is a Emerald Towers basil growing in a container.   All these plants are a MUST for any home garden to enjoy all summer long.   The video in this post shows how beautiful and easy this variety is to grow in any home garden. 

Wish List


I’ve got this beautiful board display on my wish list for the holidays.  Wouldn’t it make a great gift?!  (wink) Do me a favor and order yours with this link to help me earn mine.  With ever purchase I get a small credit toward Amazon purchase as an affiliate.

Let’s Connect

Thanks for checking out my post featuring the Italian harvest charcuterie.  I hope I didn’t offend any of my Italian readers – I know this is more of an American version of Italian treats.  Please be sure to tell me what you think by commenting on my website..  I love hearing what you are growing and bringing to the table so please do share.

Happy Summer Harvest,

Bren Haas

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