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Red Lady Hellebore

Red Lady Hellebore

One of the Lenten Rose plants added to my home garden was the Red Lady Hellebore.  In this post I share images and basic growing tips. Red Lady Hellebore There are many different varieties of hellebores available on the market today.   It has been exciting to see all the new colors locally.  Years ago when I

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White Pillar Hibiscus

Pillar (Hibiscus) Rose of Sharon Shrub

In this post, I want to share the Pillar Rose of Sharon Shrub in my home landscape. Check out videos and images with my personal review of this plant. About The Pillar Rose of Sharon The video below is a quick Q&A submit on my website asking about this shrub.  I share my honest opinion

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candymint crabapple tree along driveway in spring

Candymint Crabapple Tree

scented blooms of the candymint crabapple tree In this post I share all about the Candymint Crabapple Tree that has been growing in my landscape since 2016.  Check out my latest video and images featuring why I personally recommend this tree. Candymint Crabapple In Sprint Video This just maybe my all time favorite tree… at

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Pulmonaria Cluster Bloom

Pulmonaria ‘Spot On’ Blooming In Spring

In this post I share a short video featuring how beautiful the Pulmonaria ‘Spot On’ perennial is in my home garden this spring.  Enjoy a few growing tips and images below. Pulmonaria ‘Spot On’ Perennial Video It was so much fun enjoying the evening and morning blooms taking this video.  You will see the bee

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frostkiss hellebore bloom

FrostKiss Anna’s Red Hellebore

In this post I share some fun facts about the FrostKiss Anna’s Red Hellebore (Lenten Rose) in my Garden.  You will see a video, images and documentation from my shade garden. FrostKiss Anna’s Red Lenten Rose in My Home Shade Garden The video below is after a long Spring in Ohio.  The blooms were so

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Decorating in the Dome with BrenHaas

December Decorating in the Dome Garden

The month of December is super busy for me and my family.  In this video, I share how I do easy decorating in the dome garden. Check out photos and even a video featuring December Decorating in the Dome Garden. December Decorating in the Dome Garden Super busy with all the fun activities that fill

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Magnolia Blooms on Tree

Magnolia Trees in My Ohio Garden

In this post share featuring the magnolia trees that grow in my home garden.  You will find photos and my personal thoughts on these trees and the magnificent blooms.  Explore how the new and the old varieties welcome Spring in the landscape. The Magnolia Tree Mid-Spring Blooms on Magnolia daffodils in the garden open blooms

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power planter auger review

Power Planter Product Review

In this post, I share the Power Planter Tool attachment that is useful year-round.  You will see in the detailed video how the product works and what I think of this garden toll. Power Planter Product Review Video In the video below I demo how to use this product.  It really makes gardening easier if

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Celebrate Spring with Flowering Crabapple Tree

Spent the morning out under the crabapple tree with my pup Olivia.  I had to take photos to share with you the experience.  The bees love the bloom and the wind was lightly blowing through filling the garden with an amazing floral scent.  This tree was on our property when we purchased it back in

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