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My Visit to Muir Ranch in Pasadena California

I always wondered what it was really like in the Los Angelos area.  In this post, I share a crazy adventure including My Visit to Muir Ranch in Pasadena California.

My First Trip to LA

I got a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Pasadena with my friend Mud. Luckily I slept a little bit on the plane somewhere over Colorado and LAX because I went right from the airport to a neighboring hotel where Mud picked me up for lunch. This was quite the experience coming from farmland Ohio embracing the drought and how folks like Mud are bringing Agriculture to the city in hard to growing conditions.  I had a great time seeing this part of our country and never imagined I’d be driving through LA or Hollywood in an old Farm Pickup Truck.  The highlight of my trip was actually getting to see Muir Ranch and take part in #flowersonyourhead.

Images From My Adventure

Touring LA, Hollywood, and Pasadena in 12 hours was the way to do it! We saw tons in a short time which is just how I like it.  Below are some photos from the Drive around LA, Hollywood, and Out to Pasadena.

Meet My Friend Mud Baron

To be honest, Mud and I have met in person before only in the Midwest where he is actually from.  I caught up with him at a Garden Writer Event in Indy and Chicago back in the day.  It was an honor to see him in action out on the West Coast.   Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Mud Baron

Mud on Video

Mud at Muir Ranch sharing about the flowers and students. No editing… I got #flowersonmyhead and couldn’t stop giggling when Mud turned my iPhone on me in the video below.

Meet My Friend Mud: A chat with some #flowersonyourhead in Pasadena California.

4 hours of sleep, 12-hour tour of 3 amazing cities and #flowersonmyhead to keep me going!  This was truly a dream come true…

Where The Flowers Grow 

Growing flowers to share with people means educating them on the fun way.  At Muir Ranch, the students get to learn how to grow flowers and food.  #flowersonyourhead is an internationally recognized hashtag – which I think is very cool!

Classroom at Muir Ranch

The students have a working garden and kitchen on-campus that Mud has helped create.

Read more about the history of the dahlia at: Harvard Ed.org 

I asked Mud about the ranch….

Mud Baron Shares About Muir Ranch: Youtube Link

In this video Mud mentions the ‘Scottish dude who founded the Sierra Club’. After Googling I’m very embarrassed I didn’t know who Muir was. John Muir is one of California’s most important historical personalities.   What an cool thing to teach the students in Pasadena by naming their Ranch after John Muir.

John Muir is as relevant today as he was over 100 years ago when he met with President Theodore Roosevelt in Yosemite. Many of today’s headlines have Muir to thank for their inspiration. See our Chronology of of the Life and Legacy of John Muir, 1838 – 2010. – from Sierra Club.org 


Mud Barron in action.  We attended a fundraiser later that night and Mud worked his magic by creating masterpieces on attendees’ heads.  Muir Ranch also provided the lovely flower arrangements on the tables.

Be sure to follow more fun with #flowersonyourhead on social media where you will find Mud Barron.

Let’s Connect

Does your community or local school have a garden?  I’d love to hear about it so please comment on my blog.  Did you enjoy Muir Ranch in Pasadena?  Leave a comment on my contact page because it would an honor to connect with you!


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