This is my first summer growing in the 20′ Geodesic Bio-Dome.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to growing in this controlled space.  In today’s post, I will highlight some of the vegetables, perennials, and herbs growing here in NW Ohio.  I hope you check out the images and video here.

My Frist June Gardening in A Geodesic Bio-Dome

20' Geodesic bio dome

A collection of the images can be found below.  Check out how exciting it is growing in this controlled space. I can’t get over how easy it has been from November 2015 when I brought the first plants in until now as things start to really heat up.

The door leading into the dome

A plant that is LOVING the heat is some of the peppers I’ve started in the dome.  Below is a list of the varieties that are doing fantastic as the days heat up with that summer full sun here in Ohio. Below are the sweet potatoes that will do well in the dome because they need a longer warm grow time than I usually get outdoors.  The dome has been toasty warm during the later summer months when we built it last year.

growing potatoes in large container

Peppers Growing In The Dome

  • Hungarian Wax
  • Jalapeno
  • Ghost
  • Carolina Reaper

eggplant buds

  • Sweet Papi Rojo ( from last summer still producing!)


The most amazing thing to me about growing in the dome is how perfect the foliage (leaves) grow. I’ve done a good job at keeping the bad bugs out somehow. Pulling the cool season plants out early enough so the aphids didn’t take over. In the years past my eggplant NEVER looked as perfect as they did in June.  What a beautiful variety to grow and it was super easy.

It is so much fun experimenting with different varieties in the dome.  Maybe I will actually get a good crop off of some of those heirloom varieties I love that take super long to produce outside.

Growing Around the Dome

compost with volunteer plants

Back in early March, it was getting way too warm in the dome for the kale, cabbage, and broccoli so I made a compost pile along the wood line next to the meadow around the dome.  I noticed a few weeks ago that the kale was flowering in the compost pile.  It’s hard to believe the wild whitetail bunny isn’t over there enjoying it! I did see a few bees enjoying the blooms along with the wild roses growing outdoors.  I can’t wait to add some roses to the dome so stay tuned.

20' Geodesic bio dome

Let’s Connect

I’d love to connect with you … please be sure to ask me anything about the dome or just leave a comment below. Interested in learning more about growing in a dome garden?  Be sure to reach out to me on my website to find out more.

Let’s Connect,


4 Responses

  1. Bren, do you have auxiliary heating in the winter besides solar?

    1. We use a propane heater because we live in zone 5b Ohio and it can get pretty darn cold with little sunshine for weeks during the winter months. Because I enjoy growing succulents and tropicals we have to heat it. The cost to heat this 20′ dome is about $200 all winter long. ( November – April) There are many different things that help build up and collect heat in this structure. As you can see in photos I have straw, rocks, tubs of water and more to hold passive heat. I hope to share more with you so please be sure to subscribe.

  2. Hi Bren,
    I just saw part of your greenhouse. What a blessing! I’m still working with the heating of my greenhouse. Do you have any videos showing your greenhouse?
    Have a great 2021

    1. I just wanted to let you know I got your message on my blog post. I will be adding links to the videos featuring how I heat my greenhouse and more here. STAY TUNED!
      More about the Geodesic Bio Dome Greenhouse Here on my site.http://brenhaas.com/gardening/geodesic-bio-dome/
      You can find information about my 10’x 12′ greenhouse I own and have grown in since 2009 on my site at: http://brenhaas.com/gardening/home-greenhouse/

      I hope to add more in the new year so please be sure to stay tuned!

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