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My Climbing Hydrangea That Won’t Bloom

In this post I share some tips and tricks to get a climbing hydrangea to bloom.  Don’t forget to scroll down and see other recommended varieties to grow in your home garden.

Climbing Hydrangea
The new growth is super healthy

Climbing Hydrangea In My Garden

I need to find a photo of all this climbing hydrangea has been through since 2007 when we added on the sunroom.  The foundation digger was super careful not to disturb the roots on this older plant.  They did a great job and the climber appears to like its spot in the landscape it just hasn’t bloomed.   Over the years I started adding coffee ground and eggshells to this area with hopes the organic matter would help.  I have yet to get a bloom.

Climbing Hydrangeas At The Garden Center

I use to love the customer service you will get at most garden centers. Years ago I visited The Andersons and the gentleman was so kind to help me find two options for my Hydrangea dilemma.

Organically you could use the product below that has 9% Phosphorus. They also had a  Miracle-Gro Bloom Boost which had 3x’s more phosphorus in it.  I used this and my hydrangea still did not bloom.

One very important point the garden center worker had was that you need to remember that most of the climbing hydrangeas bloom on the old wood so be sure NOT to prune the shrub until after it blooms in summer.

More About Hydrangeas

I have many different varieties of Hydrangeas growing in my landscape here in zone 5b Ohio.  It is super frustrating that I can’t get his variety to bloom.  Be sur to check out the links below featuring other hydrangeas and my personal recommendations.


Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you … do you have a tip or idea for me before I add my phosphorus to the climbing hydrangea?  What do you think I should do next?  Be sure to comment on my post or website.

Happy Hydrangea Growing,

Bren Haas


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  1. We planted 3 Climbing Hydrangeas about 5 years ago in a partially sunny area of our backyard. The plants have grown extremely well, but have not flowered at all yet,(they are supposed to have white flowers). Does anyone recommend adding a nutrient to the soil to help with the flowering?? Thank You!!

    1. The climbing hydrangea does look a rich soil. I think that maybe my problem – it has YET to bloom! This year I am going to put some horse manure at the base of this vine. I’m also going to make sure there isn’t any english ivy choking the darn thing. I hope to share a video and photo soon…

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