Conservation Management : Controlled Burning At Oak Openings Park

control burnedOne of my husbands and my favorite places to drive through year-round is Oak Openings Preserve in Toledo Ohio.  Today we happen to see what was left of a controlled burn.  In this post I ask a Twitter friend about Conservation Management\ Controlled Burn.

Conservation Management | Controlled Burning

It’s always a great experience to drive through the Oak Openings Preserve in Toledo Ohio.  We usually make this our normal route home after enjoying dinner at Loma Lindas Mexican Restaurant or shopping at the many garden centers located on Airport Highway in Northwest Ohio. This last drive we were hoping to see the normal deer and color starting to pop but got the witness a control burn going on.  I was curious to what this was all about and knew I could ask my favorite forestry pal on social media.

control burn

Picture of one of our WSG wildlife burns – as you can see the fires can be pretty intense!

Keeping a burn under control is a balance of both science and art. The first step is to install adequate fire breaks that will contain the fire as it moves across the landscape. 


Once the burning is complete the crews stay on-site to monitor the area until it is safe to leave the burn.  They may also make certain that a dozer/fire plow unit on-site the day of the burn, an engine with an ample water supply, and plenty of people to safely conduct the burning operations.  This maybe what the ranger in the photo is doing.

Images I Took At The Park

oak openings Park

More Information

control burned

Joe shared with me that the white stuff in the photo could be could be a whiter ash where some piece of material may have burned a bit hotter and was completely consumed by the fire as opposed to just being charred.

Information via:  Joe Lehnen, Area Forester VA Dept. of Forestry

Be sure to follow Joe on Twitter at  @joetree415 .

Let’s Connect

So have you ever witnessed a controlled burn? I would love to hear from you and what you thought of this post. Do you get out of the Toledo Metro Parks or others in your state? Comment below on this post or reach out to me on my website.
Happy Spring,
Bren Haas

2 thoughts on “Conservation Management : Controlled Burning At Oak Openings Park”

  1. This was so interesting, Bren! I never knew any of this. Thanks to you and Joe for the information.


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