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my first knock out roseEasy Care Roses are the way to go in any landscape.  The always-giving and easy to maintain shrubs provide color in home and business landscapes.  In this post, I will share my personal experience with easy-care roses including what varieties to look for.

About Easy Care Roses

pink knock out bloom

Did you know that the first roses were all easy-care roses?  It is true!  Species roses grow and perform all on their own in nature.  You can find these species today in the wild.  I have a few that grow on their own back around my dome garden.  The bees love this lanky but yet full of bloom varieties.  Over the years these such bees and birds took pollen from the species roses and mixed things up forming cultivated or ‘hybrid roses.  Many of these roses thrive on being left alone and neglected. Those are my favorite! 

red landscape rose

Over the years I have grown many different varieties of roses.  Not all of these plants were considered ‘easy care roses’ but they performed with little to no maintenance.

Easy Care Rose Varieties

In the early 2000, Willam Radler introduced the first Knock Out Rose variety.  I added a few to my garden in 2005 and my addiction to growing roses began!  These roses no only put on a beautiful color show from June until late frost they are super easy to grow.

The images on this post are my first knock-out roses planted in 2005.

A Fragrant Easy Care Rose

Tag From At Last Rose

The first easy care roses that had a scent in my garden was from Proven Winners / Spring Meadows Garden called At Last.  I grow this rose in a container in my dome garden so I can enjoy it almost year-round.  The dome is mostly hardiness zone 8 and this rose puts off the most amazing scent.

In 2019 I added a few new fragrant roses to my dome garden.  These rose grow in containers so I can move them around because they do not like the intense heat in the summer. The roses are new to the USA and are called Brindabella Roses.   The scent is truly something because when they start to open the scent travels about 10 feet from the plant.

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Let’s Connect

Roses aren’t for everyone – this is true.  But with the new varieties on the market and other gardening additions they can turn any brown thumb into a Prize-Winning Grower.  I want to hear from you and what you think about growing roses.  Have you grow any easy-care roses in your home landscape?   Be sure to connect with me on my website.

Happy Rose Gardening,

Bren Haas

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