Mail Order Botanical Interest Seed Unboxing

In this post check out the beautiful presentation from my mail order from Botanical Interests Seed.  I do a video unboxing and share a few photos.

Mail Order Botanical Interests Seed Unboxing

With everything going on in this world today it was a real treat to get my mail order.  What a beautiful presentation as you can see in this video.  Opening the outside shipping I just knew this would be a treat not to mention I have new seeds to grow.  I hope you enjoy this video on my website.

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Unboxing products can be as exciting as Christmas morning.  I share many of the products I’ve been gifted and purchased on my website.  You can find me on my Bren Haas Channel on YouTube if you are interested in following.

Botanical Interests Products

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There are many reasons I recommend checking out the Botanical Interests Website.  You will always get high-quality products and seeds that will produce.  You can find their seeds in most independent garden centers at least I have in NW Ohio. The website is always easy to access on mobile or desktop.  For this presentation I ordered Microgreens.  Honestly, I ordered merely to grow my indoor garden but as a result of the mail order presentation, I had to do a video share.  I think you will agree if you watch the video in this post.  Check out their gorgeous website at https://www.botanicalinterests.com/

The company does have a shipping and handling charge which is justified by the quality of the mail-order quality.

Botanical interest shipment arrives

Please note that everything I share with you on this post is my own opinion and experience. I am not connected to Botanical Interests in any way but merely a customer.

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Let’s Connect

Now it is your turn to share with me what you think of this mail-order Botanical Interests Seed Unboxing.  Have you ever ordered seeds from this company or another you want to share with me?  Please be sure to comment on this post feature on my website.  I look forward to growing with you in the new year.

Happy Garden Sharing,

Bren Haas

2 thoughts on “Mail Order Botanical Interest Seed Unboxing”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful artwork on the seed packs. I hope you save the empty packs to display on a shelf or a wreath. Beautiful.

    • I love it when I get comments on my site. I appreciate you taking the time to share with me Sally. Interesting ideas to display seed packages in a wreath. In my office I have a Better Boy seed package I laminated to keep because we love that variety. I’ve shared a photo on my site to show you: Seed Package on BrenHaas.com


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