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Prairie Dogs at Devils Tower Monument

Today I share a shorts video featuring Prairie Dogs at Devils Tower Monument. You will find a short video and some fun facts about the critter and the park.  I hope you take the time to check it out and maybe consider RVing out West someday soon.

Prairie Dogs at Devils Tower Monument Video

This diversity of habitats are in this small space including prairie. It is hard to believe all the little hole digging critters in this space.  How cool to see their little heads pop up right outside the RV.  If my memory serves me correctly we were just pulling over to this empty parking lot to take a look at the map. This huge print on the parking lot blacktop that says “Do NOT feed The Dogs” was hard not to catch one’s attention. What?!?!

Play Video

There is this new feature on youtube called ‘shorts’.  It is fun creating and sharing fun little ‘shorts’ or short video clips. The video capture from my iPhone on our RT 66 trip in 2018.  I have a Sony 4K video and high-resolution images of these critters.  For this share, I just want to get the video up to show how cute they were.  I share more videos on my Bren Haas Channel located on YouTube.  I hope you consider subscribing to my channel.

About the Prairie Dogs

prairie dog on iphone close up

Prairie dogs look a lot like groundhogs but way cuter in my opinion.  At first glance, you will want to feed them or treat them like a puppy. Don’t even think about it!!!  These Prairie dogs carry disease and can really hurt you with a bite.

taking photos from RV window
Smile.. me taking photos from RV window!


Devils Tower Monument

Surprisingly this National Park is super easy to find when out in Wyoming.  We literally were just out that way and decided on the way home from California we would look this place up.  How could you not being a fan of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.   This is a location filled with history and mystery.  There are many fun things to see at the Devils Tower Monument.  Parking is somewhat limited if you come during the Summer vacation days.  We were out traveling the last days of September and luckily the weather was perfect.   Below is the address to the Monument so hopefully you can go check the Prairie Dogs out for yourself.  Be sure to allow at least a day to take in all this park has to offer for you and the kiddos.   We hope to go back soon with Oliver!

close encounter shot

Mailing Address: PO Box 10 | Devils Tower, WY 82714

You can find out more about this park on the official website at https://www.nps.gov/deto/index.htm

My husbands text message funny

We had so much fun… don’t you love my husband’s humor! LOL This was a text message he sent me that day. 

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