Lose Weight with Super Food Goji Berry

It’s always exciting to find new information about the veggies and fruits I grow in my Ohio home garden.  I had no idea the beautiful Goji Berry plant I grew in my garden a few years a go was pack with so many health benefits.  In today’s share I feature inforgraphic from friends at Select Juicer.com  that I’m sure will inspire you to grow your own Goji Berries.

Interested in growing your own Goji Berries?  It’s super easy and the vine is gorgeous in most any sunny location of your home garden.  I share more at Lifeberry Goji Berries in my Home Garden. 

From My Home Garden 

The first summer I grew a Goji vine in a larger container surrounded by some of my favorite herbs and flowers. The bees and butterflies loved the flowers of the Goji Berries.  I need to look back on my instagram and find a photo of the bloom from that summer.   The berries came quick and was surprised by their flavor right off the vine.  I prefer to eat the Goji Berries after they’ve been dried in a dehydrator. 

What do you think about Goji Berries?  Have you ever tried them in a recipe or do you just eat them fresh off the vine?  I’d love to hear your oppinion and recipe suggestions so please share a comment below. 
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2 thoughts on “Lose Weight with Super Food Goji Berry”

  1. Well, my LifeBerry goji from Stark Bros produced its first harvest for me this past autumn of 2015. I (and others) found the berries to be rather disagreeable in flavor when eaten raw, straight off the vine; bitter and medicinal with a seedy texture. From that point I used them in baking, where these issues vanished into the flavor and texture of the finished product. This coming season I expect to dehydrate much of the harvest and see where that takes us!

    • Great to connect Jay – I had a similar experience with the plant I grew year in Ohio in a container. I was sharing it all spring and summer on social media from the time I brought it home from the local garden center to the first bloom. It came time to eat a berry and I was surprised… it was not what I imagined. I’m glad I shared it on social media because someone introduced me to drying them! They taste awesome dried in salads and of course in smoothies. I would love to try them in bake goodies. I’ll have to look up some recipes!

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