House Plants : the complete guide book review

Book Review
  • House Plants : Complete Growing Guide


This is the manual for growing anything green healthy indoors. I highly recommend House Plants : The Complete Guide because it is easy to read and covers plants that are easy to find at local garden centers.

Finally the HousePlant Guru has her first book published.  I’m super excited to share with you today my review of Lisa Eldred Steinkopf ((aka The HousePlant Guru) new book House Plants: the complete guide.  This is the book that will allow everyone to live a healthy lifestyle by surrounding themselves with living green indoors.

House Plants : the complete guide book review

This is the book everyone should own because growing houseplants makes your space happy.  In the video below I share what I really think of this book.

Find this video on YouTube at : Creative Living with Bren Haas 

Interview with Lisa

Did you catch my interview with the HousePlant Guru?

video at : Creative Living with Bren Haas / Gardenchat on YouTube. 

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Google Review at : House Plants 

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