Indoor Gardening with Houseplant Guru

Indoor Gardening on GardenChat Twitter with Houseplant Guru

Indoor Gardening on GardenChat Twitter with Houseplant Guru

Indoor Gardening on GardenChat Twitter with Houseplant Guru

During the 1 hour live event on Twitter participants connect with indoor gardening expert and guest host @houseplantguru  If you are not on Twitter this post also gives those interested opportunities to join the conversation.  This discussion is everything you need to know about indoor gardening.

Meet The Guest Host

Indoor Gardening on GardenChat Twitter with Houseplant Guru

Houseplant Guru at book signing in Detroit Michigan garden center.

Meet the Houseplant Guru! Her first book is out and you can read my review here.  Click over here to get your copy of House Plants : the complete guide.

You Are Invited

Everyone is always welcome to join the conversation on social media GardenChat.  The discussion is based on the topic growing indoors successfully. Twitter users  share during the one hour conversation.  Tweet below to show your support and connect with others.

Questions are welcome on this blog post.  

Questions and Recap

The questions list below begin streaming at 9:15 p.m. ET each Monday. These questions are based on the topic : Indoor Gardening on GardenChat Twitter with Houseplant Guru.  Questions will be clickable embedded links which allows anyone to click and view valuable information from gardening enthusiast around the world.

Question 1: Do you grow houseplants indoors?  What are your favorites?  #gardenchat
Question 2: What plant grow well indoors with low light? #gardenchat
Question 3: What are the best conditions for Amaryllis or paperwhites indoors? #gardenchat
Question 4: What do I do with my amaryllis after it is done flowering? #gardenchat
Question 5: How do I get rid of insects that came in on my plants from outside? #gardenchat
Question 6: What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever grown indoors? #gardenchat
Question 7: Easiest plant to grow in your home? #gardenchat
Question 8: Can you grow edibles like herbs or microgreens indoors?  Can you recommend a light that works best? #gardenchat
Question 9: Where is the best place to get healthy houseplants? #gardenchat
Question 10: Where can I find more about houseplants online? #gardenchat

When responding to these question on Twitter use the #gardenchat in each share.

Growing Indoors - Houseplants Grown Indoors with Lisa of HousePlant

Tweets About Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening can be rewarding and healthy.  Here are a few tweets that caught my eye during this event.



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